the engines of creation

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*Waveform geometry can be made visible under certain circumstances. This image is of one of the innumerable ‘ghosts’ that are ever-present in everything.

(The Father) is Energy. (The Son) Vibrations. (the Holy Ghost) is the individual waveform geometry.

Even though a mountain may appear still, underneath the surface is a sea of energy in perpetual motion. The mountain appears still because we are looking at the outside, not the inside.

Each waveform, from the smallest, to the greatest, has its own unique geometry ‘pattern’. The complexity of waveform geometry is mind boggling. Even more intriguing is that the beauty of the waveform is completely hidden from our sight*.

Waveform geometry is the primary language of ALL creation. As the language is invisible, we use words to make it visible. Words are the only way we can describe the visible ‘effect’ of an invisible ‘cause’.

A printed circuit board is primitive by comparison. A computer can never hope to emulate the cirucits formed by sound, because they are not working with the primary source of energy. They are working with a secondary form of energy (electricity). What is secondary can never become the primary, no matter how much time it is given.

There are NO straight lines in nature. Even natural forms which give the appearance of being square and linear are not exact because they were not formed by mathematical equations, they are formed by energy, frequency and vibration. Sound is NOT square unless it is digital, and if it is digital, it is imperfect even though it may sound very similar.

Numbers try and solidify what is fluid. The star drawn in wheat (to the right), is a far more accurate representation of reality, than the star on the left, which is made using perfectly straight lines on paper. If a reed doesn't bend, it will break. Of course it makes sense for everything to be fluid.

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Our lack of awareness of a problem, does not prevent the problem from existing. A false world stands proudly in opposition of the truth, and all of humanity is condemned by it. But who on Earth noticed?.

Every question demands an answer. The question? "can life on Earth be sustained by those who oppose God? The answer is clearly NO. What is dead cannot sustain what is living.


When we can comprehend the true nature of what we are, we will come to the realisation that there was only one way to be evicted from the garden of Eden, and there is only one way back in.

"Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music". Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The picture on the right shows individual fakes of snow under a high magnification macro lens. The first thing to note is that no two snowflakes are the same. This means the architectural blueprint for each snowflake is different from the next. Nature does not produce copies, it produces originals. 

All of natures secrets are temporarily made visible in frozen flakes of water. Everything we experience is made up of vibrating energetic particles that never stop moving.


Energy vibrations are living. Numbers are dead. Maths is a dead language created to try and comprehend the geometry of sound. Maths can never reveal the answers because it is a secondary creation, not the primary source.



Waveform geometry refers to the multi-dimensional ’shape’ a vibrational frequency makes in an elastic medium. Every shape in the energy spectrum is unique. The higher the frequency, the more complex the waveform geometry becomes. Nothing can dissolve the bond between each frequency and the ‘shape’ it forms, therefore the laws are immutable. For as long as energy exists, these same laws governing them will also exist.

The frequency of a vibration is ’wedded’ to the shape it forms in an elastic medium. The elastic medium used to create life on Earth is cellular ‘clay’. Waveform geometry provides the invisible exo-skeletons around which cellular clay forms. Because the waveforms are invisible to ‘matter’ they can form seamless shapes, suitable for any purpose. The process is similar to how a 3D printing process works, but light years more advanced.

Everything in the natural world functions effortlessly and without the need for external intervention. This is because everything is connected to the same source intelligence that created it. The natural world feeds on itself, but it does not destroy itself in the process.

We are the only 'species; that is destroying the natural world. As this is clearly not very intelligent, it must mean we have become disconnected from the source of intelligence that created us. Firstly, how did we get disconnected?, and secondly is it possible to get reconnected?