engines of creation

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"In the beginning, was the Word." 


Each frequency 'band' vibrates matter in a uniquely different way. Each vibrational 'pattern' is a holographic letter in the primary waveform Alpha~Bet(a).


The laws governing waveform geometry are immutable because the vibrational pattern is embedded within the frequency itself, and cannot be seperated from it. This means that the pattern from one frequency, cannot be substituted for another. To add to the complexity, the pattern each frequency makes is totally unique, and no two patterns repeat themselves. What makes things even more intriguing is that the beauty of the waveform geometry is completely hidden from our 'sight'.

The abcve photograph is an example of how sound affects matter. Cymatics is the study of waveform phenomena.


E-motions are vibrational notes on a musical scale; each note has its own unique waveform

geometry. The golden rule governing waveform geometry is that one frequency cannot exist in the same relative ‘place’ as another. For two notes to exist in the same relative ‘place’ in space/time, they must BE the same frequency.


Try being happy, and sad, at the same time, and you will discover how challenging it is to be in two places at once. By consciously choosing the frequency of the notes we are playing, we can gain mastery of our emotional state of being.


This sounds very complicated, but it’s actually incredibly simple. For example; if someone wants to bring you down, they will use a low frequency behaviour like rudeness. If you respond with the same ‘note’, you will be transported to the same ‘place’ in time/space as the aggressor. By consciously choosing compassion as a response to rudeness, we can maintain our place in time/space relative to the aggressor. By modulating the frequency of our response, we can stay in the frequency of compassion and be guided by wisdom, and not by our wounds.

Remember: If anyone is trying to bring you down, it is because they are already below you. 


The living language of sound becomes visible in any viscous liquid.

The picture on the left shows frozen fakes of snow under a high magnification lens. While we can apply a numerical value to each frequency, the numerical value will have no real significance because numbers are dead entities.


A mathemagician is someone who moves dead objects astound a page, with the expectation, that given enough time, he can make something living out of them. Vibrations are living 'things', without them, there would be nothing.

All of natures secrets become visible in frozen flakes of water. You do not need to be a mathematical genius to appreciate the beauty of sound, all you need, is a sympathetic 'ear'. 



Standing waves create invisible skeletons around which cellular clay can form. Because waveforms are invisible to the clay, objects can be formed without seams or joints. 


Energy vibrations have the 'power' to organise matter according to the frequency of the vibration. The higher the frequency, the more complex the waveform geometry becomes. A standing wave is able to provide the framework around which physical structures can be formed, and while sound is not physical in the sense that we cannot touch it, we can still be moved by it.  

International concert pitch should be based on the frequency with the most focused waveform geometry. In 1936, the American Standards Association recommended that the A above middle C be tuned to 440 Hz. The American music industry reached an informal standard of 440 Hz in 1926, and some began using it in instrument manufacturing.

Whatever frequency A is tuned to, determines the waveform geometry of every other note relative to A. if one note is tuned so that the geometry is out of focus, the geometry of every other note relative to it, will also be out of focus.


To take something perfect, and make it imperfect, whilst claiming you are making 'progress', is quite frankly, delusional.


“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Nikola Tesla.

The 'power' of sound, is undeniable.

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The geometric patterns in this image are made by vibrating grains of sand on a metal plate. The waveform geometry of each pattern is wedded to the frequency that created it and cannot be divorced from it.


When the frequency of the plate shifts, not one single grain of sand is left standing in its original place. Everything changes, but nothing is lost.

The human body is made of water and minerals, in a multitude of differently organised states. The human body will be affected by any vibrational changes in the plate. There is no immunity from the effects of a vibrational shift.

The transition between one 'pattern' and another, is extremely chaotic. As the old pattern disolves the grains of sand become highly agitated, and remain in this state, until the next harmonic frequency is reached. When the new pattern becomes focused, the grains of sand become relatively 'still'.

The geometry of each frequency is immutable, and the waveform geometry of each pattern is totally unique.

Food for thought...