Everything natural, has a natural ‘state’.

Take water for example. When water is at rest, the surface will always be perfectly flat. If water flows, it will always find the easiest route. The natural ‘state’ of water is to follow the path of least resistance. Water can be made to flow in a specific direction, but, every time we try and change the natural state of anything, we have to divert energy to the cause.

In a sealed system, there is only so much energy in the circuit.

If we know it takes energy to change the natural state of anything, where is the energy coming from to make everything artificial? The answer is, the energy can only come from us.


Behind every curse, is a cause. Behind every cause, is a course. So, what is Saturns course?

‘I do not worship Adam.’ And when Michael kept forcing me to worship, I said to him, ‘Why do you compel me? I will not worship one inferior and subsequent to me. I am prior to him in creation; before he was made, I was already made. He ought to worship me.’.

If I was asked to pilot a ship to a specific destination. I would roll out my chart on the table, and draw a straight line from A-B. If time is not an issue, it does not matter how long the journey takes, all that matters is that I arrive safely.

Time is not linear, but the trajectory of the space/time continuum is a straight line from A-B. Any attempt to distort the natural state of the continuum requires energy to be diverted to the cause. All attempts to deviate from a ‘natural’ state of being, fail, for exactly the same reason.

If I aimed a laser at a target, and switched it on, the beam of light would arrive at the intended destination instantly. If I wanted to introduce a delay, I would use mirrors to divert the light and keep it in a holding pattern. But, because the mirrors are trying to distort the natural state of the time/space continuum, they eventually run out of steam. Just like the person trying to drown the ball.

Saturn is the second largest energy body in the heavens. I can appreciate why Saturn did not want to bow to us mere mortals. The truth of the matter is that Saturn cannot sustain life on Earth as it was originally intended. Humans are the Earths natural trajectory. Any attempt to alter the natural trajectory of anything, eventually fails.

Nothing crooked can ever overcome what is straight and true. If something cannot be switched off, it cannot be prevented from reaching its destination. It can only be delayed.